Unsung Heroes – Unleashed: B-Boy Mayhem In A Universe Gone Mad (CD) (2000) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

UK hip-hop production team from West London consisting of Insite and Shiver.


01. Magnificent (feat. Rob-O)
02. Freestyle (feat. Ken Boogaloo)
03. Crushed Velvet (feat. Ty)
04. Brief Case (Interlude)
05. Amateurs Get Hung (feat. Frankenstein)
06. Transatlantic (feat. Siah & Yeshua Da PoED)
07. Never Underestimate (feat. Killa Kela & Dick Dastardly)
08. What Would You Do? (feat. J-Live, Mr. Complex & L-Fudge)
09. Norm (feat. Siah & Yeshua Da PoED)
10. WJAM (Interruption)
11. Next Degree (feat. Siah & Karime Kendra)
12. Dummy (feat. J-Live & L-Fudge)
13. Word From Roy (Interlude)
14. Work It Out (feat. Siah)
15. Path Is Narrow (feat. Frankenstein, The Visitors & The Phantom)
16. Changed Man (feat. L-Fudge)
17. Here To Make A Difference (feat. Godfather Don)
18. Divine Gifts (feat. The Visitors & The Phantom)
19. Universal (feat. Yeshua Da PoED)
20. Daily Intake
21. Just Relax (Interlude)
22. High on Nothing (feat. Karime Kendra)


FLAC – Datafile

320 kbps – Datafile

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