VA – The Shinin’ – Director’s Cut EP (2000) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

The Shinin' - Director's Cut EP

The Shinin’ are a hot new production crew made up of the hard-working Los Angeles DJ’s Take One and None. Taking a nod from the title, this six-cut gem is a skillfully constructed screening of some of the finest MC’s working the Los Angeles and Seattle/Tacoma underground hip-hop scenes.

Opening with the thematic sample found in ‘Shinin’ Intro’ and launching right into the show, the sharp production skills are immediately evident. The sound is FULL; scratches are cut with prime precision and fresh beats are threaded all the way through. Featured on the mic are the talents of Dr. OOP and PM The Praying Mantis of Black Love (Black Love Crew & Blackberry Records; ‘Reign’ single on Blackberry, and a track found on DJ Revolutions comp.), layin’ down the rhyme play on ‘Monsterous’. PM is all over both ‘Monsterous’ and ‘Stereotypical’, joined by LA up & comers Universal and J-Thorn. Seattle’s Samson S., whose controversial single ‘Watch Your Words’ came out on Conception Records last year, is joined by producer Vitamin D on the smooth track ‘Who Knows” with optimum effect. Rounding out the wax is ‘Just Say When’ starring Tacoma’s Bedroom Produksionz of the Black Anger/DU4SELF crew, the team which upended the underground with their single ‘S.E.L.F.’ BP serve up more of their higher-consciousness hip-hop, telling it like it is about the lame game of fame. The Shinin’ give it up for the Los Angeles/Northwest axis, showcasing links in the West Coast underground connection. Co-released on their own imprint Drunk Decibel Records.

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1 Unknown Artist – Shinin’ Intro
2 Universal, PM – Monsterous
3 Droop Capone, PM, Universal – Come Alive
4 Samson S, Vitamin D – Who Knows?
5 PM, Universal, J-Thorn – Stereotypical
6 Bedroom Produksionz – Just Say When


FLAC – Datafile

320 kbps – Datafile

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