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House Of Krazees – Home Sweet Home (Remastered CD) (1993-2003) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

1993, House Of Krazees 23.01.2016

Formed in 1993 by members “Big J”, “E.X.P”, and “The R.O.C.” (Raps On Contact), The House of Krazees originally began as a two man project. When The R.O.C., a childhood friend of the two rappers, was enlisted to produce tracks for the as-of-yet unnamed rap duo, the chemistry between the three worked well enough that the R.O.C. became a permanent member in the group. With The R.O.C in the mix, the trio recorded and released their debut album, Home Sweet Home, on their own record label imprint, Asylum Records. Released locally in October of 1993, Home Sweet Home had a print run originally of about 500 copies made and sold. Despite having virtually no recording budget and minimal experience, Home Sweet Home was well received by their peers and local Detroit audiences. This album also sampled heavy metal songs by acts such as Metallica, Alice In Chains, and Ozzy Osbourne.

This was the first record to be released by the House Of Krazees as an extended play, on their own label, Retro Horror Muzik. This album did not sell a lot of copies, but as described by one of the members thereselves, it sold enough to “keep them going”. When the House Of Krazees signed to Latnem Intertainment, this was re-released with no changes. When the two House Of Krazees members Mr. Bones and Hektic left to become Twiztid, they eventually bought the rights to the albums, and re-released it on CD in 2003 on their own private label, Majik Recordz. There is also a version that was released WITHOUT the Majik Recordz imprint.


01 Welcome Home
02 Home Sweet Home
03 Whatz Ya Pleasure
04 Loked Out
05 Evil That Men Do
06 Interlude
07 House Of Krazees
08 Pig Skinnas
09 Diary of a Madman


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