House Of Krazees – Homebound (Remastered CD) (1994-2004) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Fresh off of the “success” of their first effort, HOK entered the studio once again to record the 1994 follow up to Home Sweet Home, appropriately named Homebound. With experience and a buzz growing, HOK members Big J and E.X.P. changed their handles to “Mr. Bones” and “Hektic” respectively. The group released Homebound on their new label, Retro Horror Muzik imprint, in October of 1994. But without a major label backing or budget, HOK could only finance the pressing of Homebound up to about 300 copies, making it hard to capitalize off of the buzz created by their previous release. Nevertheless, Homebound was a success in its own right, and poised fans for the next release. Featuring cover art taken, unaltered, from a horror movie entitled “Ghost Story”, Homebound contained the same Metal-looped sound and lyrical content as Home Sweet Home, but did not offer much diversity from its predecessor.


01 No One Can Do It Better
02 House Of Krazees (Remix)
03 Home On Deranged
04 Yaplayed Yaself
05 Return Of The Madman
06 Homebound
07 FX
08 Dead By Dawn
09 Pigskinna 2
10 Comin Of The Pumpkin


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