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House Of Krazees – Season Of The Pumpkin (Latnem Edition CD) (1994-1995) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

1994, House Of Krazees 23.01.2016

When the House of Krazees entered the studio for the third time to record the now-classic disc, Season Of The Pumpkin, they were in about as good of shape, career-wise, as they were when they began recording Home Sweet Home. All three members engaged in minimum-waged employment, or other hustles, to make ends-meet and finance HOK properly. They released the album under their Retro Horror Muzik label, but after finding a new manager in Walter Stepanenko, it was re-released under his Latnem Intertainment label. The rerelease corrected a few uncleared samples. The third offering from the group had a staggering 22 tracks, more than twice the amount of content featured on their previous two albums, and contained a solo song for each HOK member. It was critically acclaimed by the local Detroit underground rap scene, and cemented House Of Krazees as a force to be reckoned with in the city’s bubbling and unique hip-hop scene, the same way fellow Detroit rap legend, horrorcore creator, and cited influence, Esham, as well as The Insane Clown Posse, had recently achieved.


01. Channel 0
02. Horror Story
03. Dark Images
04. Underground Culture
05. Hollow’s Eve
06. The Mask
07. Trick Or Treat
08. Haunted House
09. Portrait
10. Call Us What You Will
11. Unconscious
12. Down
13. Violent Memories
14. Bates Theory
15. Season Of The Pumpkin
16. Sounds Of Halloween
17. Drug Addict
18. Terrorfying And Terrible
19. Why?
20. Shouts/Until Next Time


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