K-Def – Beats From The 90’s Vol. 2 (WEB) (2009) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

K-Def - Beats From The 90's Volume 2

Sequels, are sometimes incorrectly labeled; inferior. Beats From The 90’s Vol. 2 doesn’t fit into that category. Slept on, quality beats, from K-Def’s stint working with Marley Marl at the House of Hits; during Hip-Hop’s second Golden Age. These selected tracks showcase his varied taste, and maturity in Hip-Hop production.


01. The Magnum
02. Watch Out
03. Preying Mantis
04. Heaven Or Hell
05. Survive The Blast
06. Hey Funkbox
07. Bring The Gat
08. Having A Bad Day
09. Redcoats Are Coming
10. Mystery Man
11. Orig Blind 1995
12. He Is Waiting
13. Guitar Licking


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