Stereo MC’s – Retroactive (2002) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Rob Theakston@allmusic: ”Well over a decade passed since they took the U.S. charts by storm with their infectious single “Elevate My Mind.” Since then, much has passed underneath the radar of the dance community when it comes to Stereo MC’s. Through the 18 tracks here, the finest moments of their career unravel. And while this may have been compiled with those uninitiated to their other songs in mind, this is also a very nice compilation to have for the dedicated fan who has followed the group religiously. Their two biggest hits (“Connected” and “Elevate My Mind”) stand firmly as the crown jewels of the release, but this is definitely not a detractor from the other quality numbers on Retroactive. It’s a solid guidebook to a band both ahead of its time and sorely overlooked.”

[4:05] 01 Creation
[4:41] 02 We Belong In This World Together
[5:02] 03 Step It Up
[4:42] 04 On 33
[3:39]05 Running [Radio Mix]
[4:13] 06 Ground Level
[3:42] 07 Lost In Music [Ultimatum Mix]
[4:40] 08 Bring It On
[3:15] 09 Chicken Shake
[4:17] 10 Sophisticated
[4:23] 11 Deep Down & Dirty
[4:18] 12 Two Horse Town
[5:13] 13 Connected
[3:20] 14 Elevate My Mind
[4:49] 15 What Is Soul
[5:19] 16 Traffic
[3:56] 17 Move It

FLAC / MP3 320

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