Blaxuede – Dey Don’t Kno (CD) (1999) (320 kbps)

Blaxuede - Dey Don't Kno

Blaxuede (pronounced Black Suede) comes out of New Orleans spitting lyrics so hard they’ll verbally slay any contender, a flow so smooth it lulls a baby to sleep, and beats so tight they make an Expedition hop.


01 Intro
02 Battle Blaxuede (feat. Mr. 504)
03 Bring da Pain (feat. Lil Wayne & Turk)
04 Dey Don’t Kno
05 Da Sheetz
06 About da Paper
07 Feel It Coming
08 Where My Niggas At (feat. Mr. 504)
09 Don’t Fuck with Us (feat. B.G.)
10 Skit
11 Dreaming
12 N.O. Be da City (feat. Lil’ Keenan)
13 I Thought I Told Ya
14 What Ya Gonna Do
15 Only Lady
16 Death to the Fakers
17 Outro


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