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Bound E! Hunters – Who The Fuck’s In Charge ’94 EP (Vinyl) (2013) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2013, Bound E! Hunters , , , 15.02.2016

Bound E! Hunters - Who The Fuck's In Charge '94 EP (Vinyl)

Bound E! Hunters consists of MC and producer Con Rock Hard and MC Pay Juan. Both cats are now now in their mid 40’s and experienced Hip Hop’s evolution from the get-go. They had both found themselves in the Lefrak City/Corona neighbourhood of Queens in the late 70’s after moving from, in Rock’s case Long Island and in Pay’s case Hollis. Their induction into Hip Hop came through older cats sharing their knowledge. For Rock, Bronx cats coming down to Queens showing off their new found skills and for Pay, local Hollis heads. At one time, Rock was actually at school with Kool G Rap (just known as Abdul back then) in Flushing (John Bowne High School) who exposed him to the freshest styles of the day. G Rap would rap about shit that kids his age shouldn’t know anything about – Rock was amazed by his content, vocab and rhyming concepts. He also ran into Akinyele (a few years his junior) on a daily basis, who lived in the The Sherwood Village Co-Ops and would battle him, winning every bout (although I’ve been told AK MAY not agree!!). At the age of 16 Rock was taken up to the Bronx by an older cousin, to an after hours spot owned by a friend’s dad on 110th Street and Central Park West. It was here where he saw one of his first live rap performances, by Doug E Fresh – that was a highly influential night for Rock. His passion for writing however came from school not from the street. He cites his 5th grade English teacher as his primary influence. It was in English class that he learned the beauty of poetry and the satisfaction of writing rhymes. He remembers the first time he wrote a rhyme and recited it to someone – his dad. He had written a particularly vulgar rhyme, referencing his (then imaginary) sexual prowess – his dad was suitably disgusted. But it was in these early days he was exploring his desire to perform and perform his own creations – this made him happy.


A1. Who The Fuck’s In Charge
A2. One Step & A Rhyme
A3. Da Huntaz
B1. Huntin’ Grounds
B2. You Can Smell It
B3. Break It Down


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