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Clear Soul Forces – Detroit Revolution(s) (WEB) (2012) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2012, Clear Soul Forces , , 10.02.2016

Clear Soul Forces - Detroit Revolution(s)

From the land of Hip Hop Giants, Clear Soul Forces is next to carry the burning flame for the city of Detroit, Michigan and bring the soul back to Motown. Comprised of four members; E-Fav, L.A.Z. , Noveliss, and producer/emcee Ilajide; these cats rap like genetically enhanced, socially conscious street poets from the 70′s creating a combination of golden era, 21st century, back pack and sub-woofer rap hip hop music all while paying boisterous attention to their beat selection.

Clear Soul Forces the group emerged from the aftermath of a 2009 all-nighter at a studio, where the four emcees scraped up some lose change to get in the studio and record some individual music. Detroit emcee Royce Da 5’9”, who was finishing recording his album Street Hop was coincidentally working in the studio room next door. The four soon-to-be group members jumped at the chance to be able to kick some rhymes for Royce as they engaged in a 9 hour rhyme fest where Royce just listened, made a few faces, and knotted his head while the four emcees traded bars with one another. Royce was impressed, then he kicked out a suggestion; considering each emcee’s different personality and style he posed that the four men become a group, and that was the day Clear Soul Forces (who didn’t have a name at the time) was born.


01. Detroit Revolution(s)
02. Welcome To The Show
03. Half As Long // Twice As Bright
04. Keep It Movin’
05. 15 Minutes
06. Get No Better
07. Stick ‘Em
08. Stack Yo Paypuh!?!?!
09. The World Is Yours
10. Ass To The Flo
11. Fan-Ta-Sa-Ro
12. Rap Attack // Jammin’
13. Catch Me If You Can
14. Still Driving Down The Freeway
15. Runnin’


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