Divine Styler – Def Mask (WEB) (2014) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Divine Styler

Def Mask – Engineers of Persona

Scenario – A coded behavioural, psychic implant installs itself based on the individuals attachment to the objective world, his desire to consume. Appetite for power over others initiates the installation. Controlling it’s human host, who continues to assume himself free through the appearance of reason, mobility, access to data, procreation and consumption. Embedded in the mind, directing behaviour to serve the will of the God Machine – the sum total of its parts, People.

The implant can only be deactivated by the act of witnessing oneself. Reality is the loss of ego.

Def Mask – The Def Mask expresses itself through the psychological make up of the wearers surroundings. Societies pathos, the external world man has created through his mental idea of himself, a protection against, psychic vampires, philosophical ideology, religious indoctrination and relational gaslight. The mask keeps others at distance and creates a barrier between the wearer and the multiple realms of psychic pollutants.

The Def Mask Paradox – The hunter, that is himself the prey.


01. Images On A Screen (vocal)
02. Carrier’s IQ (vocal)
03. Def Mask (vocal)
04. Architectonic (vocal)
05. Zaxon (vocal)
06. Incubation Acceleration Shell (vocal)
07. Pandorum (vocal)
08. Voight Kampff (vocal)
09. Invalid Stratum Don’t Compute (vocal)
10. As Seen Before (vocal)
11. Carrier’s IQ (instrumentals)
12. Def Mask (instrumentals)
13. Architectonic (instrumentals)
14. Zaxon (instrumentals)
15. Incubation Acceleration Shell (instrumentals)
16. Pandorum (instrumentals)
17. Voight Kampff (instrumentals)
18. Invalid Stratum Don’t Compute (instrumentals)
19. As Seen Before (instrumentals)


FLAC – Datafile

320 kbps – Datafile

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