East Of The Rock – Galaxy Rays EP (Vinyl) (2010) (320 kbps)

East Of The Rock ‎– Galaxy Rays EP

Overlooked by major labels, Chicago hip-hop outfit East of The Rock independently pressed up Galaxy Rays in the 90s. Black Pegasus brings back the EP, which only existed in extremely limited quantities at the time of the initial release (50 copies!!!), and the label provides the world with a rare chance to taste some of the best beats and rhymes to come out of the Windy City. The Mad Thinker, Flux, Mr. V, & DJ Mack Ten combine raw drums, bouncy baselines, and sick samples with thoughtful, smoothly delivered lyrics in songs like “Egyptian Musk” and “Burnout Assassin,” and “Mr. Producer,” a jazz-funk-influenced track, incorporates a popular Main Source line, “false producers telling lies”. Also notable is the title track, an unmistakably 90s song featuring a Ultramagnetic MCs sample. Instrumentals included plus a bonus track on the b-side, recommended. All songs recorded in 1994.

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A1 Egyptian Musk
A2 Galaxy Rays
A3 Burn Out Assassin
A4 Mr. Producer
B1 Egyptian Musk (Instrumental)
B2 Galaxy Rays (Instrumental)
B3 Burn Out Assassin (Instrumental)
B4 Mr. Producer (Instrumental)
B5 X Track (Bonus)


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