Hangmen 3 – No Skits, Vol. 1 (2000) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Jason Birchmeier@allmusic: ”No Skits, Vol. 1 showcases the production abilities of Hangmen 3 (Ray Benzino, Jeff Two Times, and Johnny Bananas) and the raps of the Wiseguys (Tangg da Juice, Big Roscoe, M3, Masta Criminal, and Mann Terror) and Made Men (Benzino, Twice Thou, and Mr. Gzus). These rap artists rep Boston, and their local anthem, “Holla Back (Holla Boston),” is the album highlight. Hangmen 3 had previously produced the Made Men album Classic Limited Edition, and the entire collective is rooted in the Almighty RSO. Anyone endeared to one of these acts — be it Hangmen 3, the Wiseguys, Made Men, or the Almighty RSO — will likely find plenty to enjoy here on No Skits, Vol. 1. The production work is the primary draw, though the raps are noteworthy as well, for these guys are gangsta, but they’re especially literate gangsta rappers and bring a unique viewpoint, having grown up in Boston rather than New York or L.A.”


01 Niggas Know
02 Holla Back (Holla Boston)
03 Follow Me (To Murder)
04 Ya Feel Me
05 High Noon
06 Rap Star (All I Ever Wanted)
07 Take It There
08 Don’t Try To Play Me
09 Treason
10 Gun Squad
11 Never Wanna See You
12 Don’t Want No Drama
13 Can’t Front
14 Who’s Livin’ It
15 I Don’t Wanna Die


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