KRS-One vs. MC Shan – The Battle For Rap Supremacy (CD) (1996) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

The Battle for Rap Supremacy

The year was 1986, MC Shan released a song about the housing project where he lived (Queensbridge) entitled ” The Bridge”, wich became a tremendous hit. A short time later Krs-One made a song about his neighborhhod entitled “South Bronx”, in wich he also dissed MC Shan and “The Bridge”. Shan returned with “Kill That Noise”, Krs-One promptly answered with “The Bridge Is Over”.

For years, these two giants of hip hop have battled each other on & off the stage…. And now 10 years later, here is their musical history.


Queensbridge Side
01 MC Shan – The Bridge
02 MC Shan – Kill That Noise
03 MC Shan – Down By Law
04 MC Shan – I Poineered This
05 MC Shan – Juice Crew Law
06 MC Shan – Project Ho
Boogie Down Side
07 KRS-One – South Bronx
08 KRS-One – The Bridge Is Over
09 KRS-One – Criminal Minded
10 KRS-One – Poetry
11 KRS-One – The P Is Free (Remix)


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