Mac Dre – Rapper Gone Bad (CD) (1999) (320 kbps)

Mac Dre - Rapper Gone Bad


01. Intro (feat. Sky Baller)
02. I’ve Been Down (feat. Harm)
03. Rapper Gone Bad
04. Fast Money (feat. Warren G, Kokane & Dutches)
05. Fish Head Stew
06. How Yo’ Hood? (feat. Killa)
07. Fortytwo Fake (feat. PSD)
08. Fire (feat. Big Lurch & Harm)
09. Global (feat. Dubee A.K.A. Sugawolf Pimp)
10. Fuck Off The Party (feat. The Whoridas)
11. Valley Joe (feat. B-Legit, PSD & Lil’ Bruce)
12. Mac Stabber
13. I’m A Thug (feat. Dubee A.K.A. Sugawolf Pimp & PSD)


320 kbps – Datafile

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