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Motion Man – Clearing The Field (CD) (2002) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2002, KutMasta Kurt, Motion Man , 25.02.2016
Clearing The Field

Bay Area underground rap hero Motion Man, known as a regular on the Wake up Show and as a rhyming partner of Kool Keith, delivers an album of grand proportions with Clearing the Field. With a refreshing and wholly original style on the mic, Motion Man proves that uniqueness in rap can still be obtained without veering into other genres. Beats provided by KutMasta Kurt are presented from the perspective of a seasoned DJ, with especially hard drum kicks and frequent sample stabs leading the charge. His use of the opening line from Don Drummond’s ska classic “Man in the Streets” to enhance “Hold Up,” a song that also features the antics of Biz Markie, is very characteristic of KutMasta Kurt’s in-your-face production style. Other guest appearances by the likes of Kool Keith and LC on “We Work Styles,” Planet Asia on “Face 2 Face,” and E-40 on “Reason 2 Panic” really help elevate the album into the realm of an overlooked classic. Indeed, hearing E-40 effectively spit lyrics over what many would consider to be a traditional backpacker beat is something that should surprise many of his naysayers. But lest you forget the extreme talents of Motion Man, an artist with so much personality that he should be dubbed as the black Eminem. Tracks such as “Straight Flowin’ on Em,” “Clearing the Field,” “Loose Cannon,” and “Come on Y’all” are so filled with clever wordplay and punch lines that Motion Man could easily be considered a comedian as well as an MC. On his Too Short appreciation track called “Beotches,” he even does an impressive job rhyming in Spanglish. And, unlike those found on so many other rap albums, his skits and interludes are actually hilarious. All in all, Clearing the Field is an album that presents everything that is right about West Coast hip-hop


01 Action Figure Intro
02 Straight Flowin’ On Em
03 Clearing The Field
04 Funky Ass White Boy (Skit)
05 Loose Cannon
06 Hold Up (Featuring Biz Markie)
07 Winner Takes All
08 Play Dough
09 Reason 2 Panic (Featuring E 40)
10 One Of My Favorite Emcees (Skit)
11 C’mon On Ya’ll
12 Call Da National Guard (Part 2)
13 Trounce
14 Dont Get Motion Started
15 Having A Moment
16 Face 2 Face (Featuring Planet Asia)
17 Make It & Sell It
18 Side Ta Side
19 I Need A Vacation (Featuring Noggin Nodders)
20 We Work Styles (Featuring Kool Keith & LC)
21 Juan’s Sister (Skit)
22 Beotches
23 Gotta Move On (Outro)


FLAC – Datafile

320 kbps – Datafile

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3 comments "Motion Man – Clearing The Field (CD) (2002) (FLAC + 320 kbps)"

  1. @Shaolin read:

    One of my post-2000 albums. Motion Man is one of the best (and most underrated) rappers around, and KutMasta Kurt is firing on all cylinders here. A masterpiece. His follow-up, Carlito’s Way, is a major disappointment, compared to this.

  2. @Shaolin read:

    Ah yes… Pablito’s Way, not Carlito’s Way…

  3. @Sm&A Prod. read:

    Could you reupload the 320 kbps? Thanx!

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