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Sons Of Intellect – Insightful Comprehentions (CD) (1997) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

1997, Sons Of Intellect , , 02.02.2016

00. Insightful Comprehentions

Sons of Intellect was a short-lived alternative hip hop group from Cape Coral, Florida composed of KJ-52 and Goldinchild. They released one album, Insightful Comprehensions, with the single “Worldwide”. KJ-52’s solo career may have been intended as a side project, as implied by It’s the S.O.I. (Sons of Intellect Anthem) from his debut album 7th Avenue and its inclusion of Sons of Intellect on the front cover. KJ’s solo career has risen to prominence, and he has collaborated with Goldinchild in nearly every album he has released. When the group was active together, they had a friendship and companionship of sorts with another Christian Hip-hop group, the Remnant Militia from Atlanta. They did shows together, recorded together, and featured in each others songs.


01 Inaugurations
02 Worldwide
03 Cease To Exist
04 Warriors From The Mist
05 Chapter I: Life
06 Past, Present, Future.
07 20/20 Vision
08 Chapter II: Drama
09 Trial & Tribulations (feat. 8th Apostile)
10 Infiltrators Pt. I (feat. Neogen & Surreal)
11 Arabian Knights (feat. Alias)
12 Chapter III: Mentality
13 Infiltrators Pt. II (feat. Architech & Oposit)
14 Yeshua
15 End Of The Beginning


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