Toot – Omaha To New Orleans (CD) (1998) (320 kbps)

Toot - Ohama To New Orleans

Omaha-based rapper Toot’s infectious hooks and hard-hitting lyrical style have been his calling card for almost eight years. And with the world of hip-hop music moving steadily toward a state of stagnation between mindless party anthems and “bling-bling” statements of mic superiority, Toot’s sonic tales of life struggle mixed with an almost spiritual yearning stand out amidst a sea of wannabes.

Omaha, Nebraska.


01. The Call (Intro)
02. Drama Anthem (feat. Drama Life)
03. The Invitation
04. Omaha Party (feat. Darious & Drama Life)
05. Man’s World (feat. Hawk, Malachi & Weegie)
06. Zonin’ (feat. Black & Darious)
07. First National (feat. Drama Life)
08. Toot Play
09. Let’s Take Our Time (feat. Darious)
10. Who Can We Roll Wit (feat. Drama Life)
11. The Merger
12. Show the World (feat. Thibodaux Guerilla)
13. Let Me Out
14. Round I (feat. Drama Life, Freddy Dead & Pocket Pete)
15. Only Real G’s (feat. L-Mac, Mr. Gotti & Weegie)
16. These Games You Ho’s Play (feat. Big & L-Mac)
17. Still Talkin’ Shit


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