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Citywide – Lifestyles (2015) (WEB) (320 kbps)

2015, Australia, Citywide 20.03.2016 ”Formed in 2008, Citywide was born out of a desire to take hip hop music back to a time where big acoustic drum breaks and chopped up samples reigned supreme. Easy listening, mixed with a discernable boom bap sound would become the hallmark of this collective’s music.

Comprising of MCs WIL-K.O, Mutley, Kaydel and Rocswell, alongside DJ/Producer Pyrex, the five man crew initially gained notoriety though their energetic live shows and rapidly found themselves as the “go to” support for some of Australian hip hop’s biggest names, sharing the stage with the likes of Illy, The Funkoars, Mantra, Terra Firma and Maundz.

2009 marked Citywide’s first foray into the studio with their debut single, On the Push receiving national airplay on Triple J. On the Push was followed by the release of the group’s first EP, The Garden State, a five-track ode to the state the group was born, raised and formed in. Fast forward four years and Citywide has just capped off 2014 by sharing the stage with hip hop royalty, Ghostface Killah and are on the cusp of releasing their first full length album, Lifestyles.

Dissatisfied with the dominance of the pop-influenced hip hop that was receiving the majority of radio airplay, Citywide set out to defy this trend by creating a record that would be decidedly different in its output. Recorded in the purpose built Fox Hole Studio and guided by a sample driven, 90s hip hop sensibility, Lifestyles includes production from Pyrex, Geko, Zetes and Shookz and features guest spots from Fatty Phew, Ching-rock from the Arsonists, and Crusty Demons legend, Seth Enslow to name a few.
Three years in the making, Citywide’s Lifestyles is a record that will remind you why you fell in love with hip hop in the first place”

1. Lifestyles (intro) 00:51
2.Stay Up 02:51
3. Watch Out 03:37
4. Dont Blame Me (Feat. Josh Brookez) 04:14
5. Shake Up 03:51
6. Something To Relate Too 04:28
7. Premium Days (Feat. Eliza Wolfgramm) 03:33
8. Regular Creeps (Feat. Dj Rellik) 03:58
9. Visions Clear (Prod. By Shookz) 04:14
10. Light One Up (Instrumental) 01:40
11. Left Hook (Obi Wan) Produced By Shookz 03:53
12. The Basic Mistake (Interlude) 00:47
13. Whats The Deal (feat. Fatty Phew) 05:30
14. Rollin Ridin (Feat Seth Enslow) 04:07
15. Lets Go (Feat. Dj Rellik & Btwo) Prod. Phil Gektor 03:20
16. Avadrink (Interlude) 00:37
17. Bar Masters 04:12
18. Thats Life (Feat. Eliza Wolfgramm) Prod. by Zetes 04:45
19. Endless Spits (feat. Zetes, Wilno, Shookz, Vanguard, Ching Rock (Arsonists) & Strike Won. 04:11

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