Danja Mowf – Word Of Mowf (CD) (1997) (FLAC + 320 kbps)


01 Death of an A&R (intro)
02 Phone Tag
03 Make It Hot (feat. Lonnie B & Shawn Chapelle)
04 Like Flies (feat. Javon)
05 Vowel Movement (feat. The Supafriendz)
06 14 Ladies (feat. S. Thomson)
07 Simple Clearence
08 Espionage (feat. Kalonji)
09 Granddaddy’s Lynchin’ Story
10 Strange Fruit (feat. Shawn Chapelle)
11 Dangerous
12 Mowf of Madness (feat. Mad Skillz)
13 Jack-N-Da Weedstalk
14 Question
15 Watchin’ You (feat. Duane Folkes)
16 Unseen World (feat. The Supafriendz)
17 Like Flies (Remix) (feat. LaMaRe)
18 Granddaddy’s Advice


FLAC – Datafile

320 kbps – Datafile


  1. “like flies” has a glitch in the audio

  2. va represent to the fullest! this album was off the hook and still is! 804-757

  3. 4ElementzOfHip-Hop

    Please Re-Upload this album with other file why this file has many songs with glitch. Thanks, PEACE!!

  4. 4ElementzOfHip-Hop

    Thank u for the Re-Upload this album but Please add a link for download “free”

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