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Doc Box & B-Fresh – Doc Box & B-Fresh (CD) (1990) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

1990, Doc Box & B-Fresh , 03.03.2016

Doc Box & B-Fresh - Doc Box & B-Fresh

This album showed quite a bit of promise on the opening track, but, unfortunately, maintains that promise only very sporadically thereafter. The opening track, “Time to Get Smart,” is a fine chunky rap number about black unity. It’s also unfortunately the last good thing you hear for a while as you’re assaulted with “Doc’s Dope Jam,” which never gels and only irritates, and “Slow Love,” which is a mix of dopey rap ballad, sexual brag, and halfway decent arrangement. “Nu Jack,” with its Philly-flavored jam, picks things up a bit and the following track, “I’m a Survivor,” holds the groove right there for another six minutes, which isn’t too bad, although a little more overall adventure might be fun to hear — too often rap artists are unwilling to venture beyond the parameters established in the early days of the form. From this high point, it’s back into a slump for the next two tracks, only returning to any sort of interesting level when it gets to “Darlene,” which has a goofy rhythm and an odd bass track that refers as much to Kraftwerk on a silly day as it does anything else. The track has a similarly off-center attitude that’s very welcome. This slightly loony mood extends into “A Mission Impossible,” which borrows Lalo Schifrin’s music and turns it into a rap James Bond excursion that seems to indicate that Doc Box & B. Fresh would rather go off in the direction of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince than, say, Public Enemy. Given a chance to pursue that avenue and develop what they’re doing, this pair could turn into something to watch. This album, however, is just too easily forgotten.


01 Time To Get Smart
02 Doc’s Dope Jam
03 Slow Love
04 Nu Jack
05 I’m A Survivor
06 Doc Says Dance
07 She’s Not My Lover
08 Darlene
09 A Mission Impossible


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320 kbps – Datafile

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