D’Opus & Roshambo – Past Time (2011) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Amazon: ”Prior to meeting, both D’Opus & Roshambo had established themselves in the Australian Hip Hop scene: D’Opus was an established DJ having supported everyone from the Jungle Brothers, QBert, Mr. Thing and de la Soul, while Emcee Ro had built up an impressive reputation for spreading the hip hop gospel through his long-running show on Canberra’s 2XX FM. After teaming up, the Duo made waves in Aussie Hip Hop with the release of their debut EP ‘The Question’ in 2006, then again in 2008 with their first full length album ‘The Switch’. The album earned significant playtime on Triple J with the single ‘Million Dollar Bill’ making their end of year top 100 list. The duo have drawn from a pool of Australian artists to collaborate on songs throughout “PAST TIME”, with Muph (of Muph & Plutonic), Dialectrix and Mdusu just a few who contribute their verse to the album. Chanel Cole, member of Trip Hop group Spook, provides her unique voice on the tracks “Bring Happiness” and “Come Find Out”. Nearly three years on since their last album “The Switch”, the duo describe the evolution of themes on “Past Time”: “The Switch” was, for the most part, a kind of story-telling record, soaked in the experience of melancholy, the darkness of regret and of disappointment in self. This album [Past Time] is drenched in a feelings of relief, happiness, contentment, excitement and opportunity. It is a record about moving on and travelling to a brighter future.”

1 All I Need 3:56
2 Come Find Out Featuring, Vocals – Chanel Cole 3:06
3 No One (I Can Depend On) Featuring – Hau (Koolism) 3:46
4 Sound Is A Weapon 3:45
5 Action Montage 3:48
6 Left To Right (The D’o Funk) 3:52
7 Bring Happiness Featuring – Chanel Cole 5:02
8 Addictive Featuring – Jeff Hann (Friendly Yenn) 4:07
9 My Space Featuring – Muph (Muph + Plutonic) 4:52
10 Run To The Sun Featuring – Junior 4:08
11 The Pushover 3:47
12 Tell Her No Featuring – Dialectrix, Mdusu, Scott Burns 4:47
13 Terrorist Is Us 4:13

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