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Fallacy and Fusion – The Ground Breaker (2002) (CDM) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2002, Fallacy And Fusion, UK , , 23.03.2016 ”Though ‘The Groundbreaker’ is Fallacy & Fusion’s first release proper, the pair have known each other for almost six years, while their individual presences on the UK’s hip hop and R&B scenes date back even further. Fallacy apparently became hooked on Hip Hop after seeing Beat Street when he was about 6 in 1984. Moving on to when he was only 16 in 1996 he was invited up on stage along with another couple of MCs by highly regarded freestyler Mad Skillz from Virginia. Giving his reputation a big boost he was able to match Mad Skills line for line. Soon after he was hooking up with the likes of Roots Manuva and Blak Twang who were working with the Sound Of Money record label at the time. Whilst still working as a bouncer he met up with MJ Cole and his career started taking him down a different route, where he was make a name for himself as a Garage MC.

Meanwhile Fusion was working over at Echoes, a black music paper where he worked on the Code of The Streets supplement which focused on Hip Hop. For the Feb 1st 1997 issue he compiled a tape of UK Hip Hop called the Homegrown, on which he included Blak Twang’s B-side track of the same name which featured Fallacy. From there their relationship took off as Fallacy realised Fusion had done some of the production for the skits on the tape which he liked. Although they had always intended to work together, things just didn’t pan out like that with each of them achieving some success doing their own thing. Fusion edited the darkerthanblue website for a while and hooked up with Tee Max to present on MTV Base. But the completion of the Groundbreaker track and the response they were getting from everyone they played it to meant that they had to put it out and get altogether more serious about making it work.

The track was originally scheduled for release on the UK branch of the famous Rawkus record label, but after it went tits up in the US and was sold on to a major label, the UK arm is to all intents and purposes defunct. So, never ones to miss out on an opportunity like this, Wordplay stepped in and snapped up the rights to the single and so F & F’s debut future-classic “Ground Breaker” will finally see the light of day, much later than expected in June. It could be said that Fallacy has received more attention and acclaim than he deserves considering the actual amount of wax he has released, especially when compared to other longer standing artists who hardly get a look in. But at the same time he has skills, and lets face it has gone out and sold himself to get his name out there. Now he is coming back to his home of Hip Hop and hopefully can use the contacts he has made and push the door further open for other UK artists. The same could be said of Fusion who is not really known as a producer, but no one should begrudge them their piece of success as it all reflects back on those whose shoulders they are standing on.”

1 The Ground Breaker (Radio Edit)
2 The Ground Breaker (Shy FX Remix)
3 The Ground Breaker (MJ Cole Dub Mix)
4 The Ground Breaker (Posse Cut Remix) [Featuring] – Big P, Skeme
5 Be Bad, Feel Good

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