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Heather B. – Takin Mine (CD) (1996) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

1996, Heather B , , , 26.03.2016

Heather B. - Takin Mine

Heather B. started her career as a member of the 1992 cast of MTV’s reality soap-opera, The Real World. As if to silence critics that would claim such a starting point is proof that her music is weak and lame, she simply rages throughout her debut album, Takin’ Mine. Heather B. plays by the gangsta rules, spitting out her lyrics over a spare, funky beat. Although her conviction, as well as her sense of style and timing, is impressive, there’s nothing on Takin’ Mine that hasn’t been heard before — these are hardcore cliches, from the hedonistic lyrics to the G-Funk production. For connoisseurs and afficianados, Takin’ Mine has something to offer — particularly in the way Heather B.’s lyrical observations suggest that she could develop a style more personal and, therefore, impressive — but for anyone else, the album will just sound a bit rote.


01. Heartbreaka
02. All Glocks Down
03. If Headz Only Knew…
04. My Kinda N*gga (Featuring M.O.P.)
05. Takin’ Mine
06. Mad Bent
07. Sendin ‘Em Back
08. No Doubt
09. Real Niggaz Up
10. What Goes On


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320 kbps – Datafile

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