Invisibl Skratch Piklz – The Shiggar Fraggar Show! Vol. 1 (Remastered CD) (1995-2000) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

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01 Intro
02 Whoever You Are
03 Beware Of The Frozen Toad
04 DJ Polar Bear Vs. Shiggar Fraggar
05 Planet Cow & The Soulsonic Rodeo
06 Six Shots: That Means The Gun’s Empty (K-Trash Mix)
07 DJ Change Money
08 Don’t Mean To Boast (Ol’ Skool Skratch)
09 Raising Snails For A Living
10 Kut Up Musik Best (Doin’ The Michael Jackson)
11 Toad Man Vs. Corn Man In “Count Your Vegetables”
12 Invasion Of The Octopus People (Drunken Puss Mix)
13 Rock Steady Graffiti Mini-Skit
14 Computer Pickles On KKUT
15 DJ Sly T
16 Boxer Shorts Signed By The Village People
17 Hello Caller
18 Amadi’s Medicore Freestyle (“I Might Sound Shitty But They Are The Best”)
19 Shortkut To Disk
20 KKUT 93.7FM, 104.1FM
21 Ksmooth
22 Break It Down Like Dis
23 A Book Of Acid… F-f-f-fres-s-sh


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320 kbps – Datafile

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