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KMC ‎– Three Men With The Power Of Ten (1991) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)



There’s nothing even remotely subtle about Southern California trio KMC’s (whose name stands for Kaotic Minds Corruptin’) style of rapping, which is relentlessly forceful, hyper and aggressive. KMC’s hard-as-hell tracks are abrasive enough, but what makes the amelodic Three Men with the Power of Ten so exhilarating is the boundless energy in the rapping styles of Poison Ivey, Tee and Rocc. Their merciless verbal assaults exceed even Public Enemy’s intensity. The subject matter is, for the most part, fairly conventional hip-hop fare (the rappers’ proficiency and other MCs’ ineptness on the microphone), although KMC does provide some jolting social commentary on “Living in the Ghetto” and “The Streets Are the Battlefield.” Unfortunately, this album didn’t receive nearly the attention that so many releases by West Coast rappers enjoyed in the early ’90s. / Alex Henderson @allmusic/

1 Three Men With The Power Of Ten
2 Lyrical Tournament
3 Approachin’ A Threat
4 Avalanche
5 Terrifying Tracks
6 Murder
7 The Streets Are The Battlefield
8 2-N-1
9 Gangsters
10 Grim Reaper
11 Living In The Ghetto
12 No Title For This [Featuring] – Cyco

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