Marley Marl – In Control Volume II: For Your Steering Pleasure (CD) (1991) (FLAC + 320 kbps)


01. Intro
02. No Bullshit
03. The Symphony Pt 2 (Feat Big Daddy Kane / Craig G / Kool G Rap / Little Daddy Shane / Master Ace)
04. Level Check
05. Buffalo Soldier (Feat MC Amazing)
06. Mobile Phone
07. At The Drop Of A Dime (Feat MC Cash)
08. Scanning The Dial
09. Something Funky To Listen To (Feat Nexx Phase)
10. America Eats The Young (Feat Chuck D And Intelligent Hoodlum)
11. Check The Mirror (Feat Portia)
12. I Be Gettin Busy (Feat LL Cool J)
13. Girl I Was Wrong (Feat The Flex)
14. Fools In Love (Feat Heavy D And Eclipse)
15. Another Hooker (Feat Big Money Wiz)
16. Cheatin Days Are Over (Feat Mike Nice)
17. Reach Out (Feat Perfection)
18. Keep Control (Feat Chubb Rock / Def Jef / Grand Poobah / Intelligent Hoodlum / King Tee / Rap Industry For Social Evolution)
19. Sweet Tooth (Feat Pure Cane Sugar)
20. Out For The Count (Feat Kev E Kev And Ak-B)


FLAC – Datafile

320 kbps – Datafile

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