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Smooth – Smooth (1995) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

1995, Smooth , , 13.03.2016

Andrew Hamilton@allmusic: ”Smooth, sultry, sexy ’90s tales of lust which somehow haven’t blown up like they should have. It must be a lack of promotion; it’s certainly not talent, songs, singing, or production. This is one enjoyable CD; Smooth has the kind of voice men like, oozing sex in every inflection. She could be singing businesses’ names and addresses from the yellow pages and still sound risqué. For some reason, Smooth singing to hip-hop beats never gets old. “Way Back When” is definitive Smooth; it has it all — nifty rapping, upfront backing vocals, and Smooth spitting out some biting lyrics. Some power cuts include “Blowing Up My Pager,” a tale about a girl being paged into saying yes by a persistent admirer; “P.Y.T. (Playa Young Thugs)” features 2Pac with the self-proclaimed “Female Mack” on a hypnotic keeper. Listen as she shamelessly proclaims what she’s looking for on the erotic “Good Stuff.” She gives instructions to her lover during “Swing It to the Left Side.” Thirteen strong pleasing tracks; Smooth could get a rise out of a dead man.”

1 Mind Blowin’
2 It’s Summertime (Let It Get Into U)
3 Way Back When
4 Blowin’ Up My Pager
5 P.Y.T. (Playa Young Thugs) [Featuring] – 2pac
6 Swing It To The Left Side
7 Good Stuff
8 Love Groove (Groove With You)
9 Jeeps ‘N’ Benzos
10 Ghetto Style
11 Undercover Lover
12 Let It Go
13 Mind Blowin’ (Non-Rap, All-Singing Version)

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