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Them That Do – Them That Do… (CD) (2016) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2016 , , 17.03.2016

Them That Do - Them That Do...

Responsible for corralling all of the groups components, Phat Hentoff (formerly, MDA, short for Mellow Drum Addict), of Lancaster, PA, has been putting together quality projects with proficiency over the last ten years, a la Dante Ross, only that he is the artist, as well along with being the web that connects many talented individuals. It’s worth taking note how his melodic vocal stylings seem always to fit just right over the jazz sample-­laden backdrops heard throughout the album, adding another dimension to the sound between 2 other emcees. Jasper Brown, hailing from the Washington D.C., is also a veteran master of the ceremonies. From first listen, Jasper strikes you as an artist with a unique voice and signature rhyme pattern which never seems to grow tired, always finding a way to nestle within the music, without sacrificing content. Each verse has a clear and concise point, as if he were speaking directly to the listener, which isn’t surprising when one learns that he is the son of a preacher. Rounding out the trio of vocalists is Chuck Daily, coming from Lancaster, PA. The youngest member of the group, he effortlessly displays the ability to truly get right to the crux of things, not only with the words he chooses, but with an understanding of how tone of voice can convey messages that words cannot.

The group’s producer, Small Professor, comes to us from Philadelphia, PA. He possesses a fluidity in his production techniques that allows samples which have been chopped up to be laid back out without sounding “frenzied”, and that compliments the vibe of the album beautifully. Small Pro also has a knack for picking just the right breaks to build the foundation beneath each sample.With “Them That Do”, there is an overarching sense of clarity which allows the listener to at once be engaged, but not overcome, by all of the elements which combined to create the listening experience.


01. Them That Do (Fly Intro) (feat. Poet Zee)
02. Arrowheads (feat. Muhsinah)
03. Pick The Lock
04. No Better Blues
05. Four Fifth (feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore)
06. Fast Asleep
07. Jazz Jazz Jazz Jazz
08. In My Rhymes (feat. Soia)
09. The Wilderness
10. Superkool 223 (feat. Curly Castro)
11. Ain’t They Slick_! (feat. Yamin Semali)
12. Yeah, I Had That Tape (feat. LD Hendriquez & John Robinson)
13. Yeah, I Had That Tape (Side B) feat. Miles Bonny
14. Trying To Say (feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow)
15. Good God


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320 kbps – Datafile

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