VA – Scratchcon2000 CD1: Trick Mixing & Battling (2000) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Scratchcon2000 cd1 Trick Mixing & Battling

Trick Mixing
The World Famous Beat Junkies — J-Rocc, Melo-D, and Rhettmatic present to the world the art of Trick Mixing. As the masters of this form of expression they present their methods and philosophies, as well as a rare demonstration.

Legendary battle DJs Roc Raida, MixMaster Mike and Craze clearly demonstrate why they are among the most feared competitors in the world. Hear them speak for the first time about how they feel about competing and other aspects of the skratch world. Also for the first time ever, Craze battles himself head to head!


01 Introduction
02 Trick Mixing Lecture Demonstration By Rhettmatic
03 Basic Trick Mixing Demonstration By J-Rocc
04 Advanced Trick Mixing Demonstration By Melo-D
05 Beat Junkie Style Trick Mixing Lecture By Rhettmatic, Demonstration By J-Rocc, Melo-D
06 Questions From The Audience
07 Battle Seminar Introduction By Yogafrog
08 Roc Raida Battle Demonstration And Lecture
09 MixMaster Mike Battle Demonstration And Lecture
10 Craze Battle Demonstration And Lecture


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