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Diversion Tactics – Pubs, Drunks And Hip-Hop (2002) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2002, Diversion Tactics, UK , 09.05.2016

2hip @ –
“Ok so it’s the end of 2002 and this has been out for a while, for some reason it appears to have been overlooked at ukhh towers. Anyway, if you didn’t already know, Diversion Tactics are Jazz T (ITF Champion, 2000ish I think), Dr Zygote, Chubby Alcoholic and Barron Acj. They’ve dropped 2 ep’s with one on Zebra Traffic and now they drop their first lp on the same label. This lp has a definite old skool feel on the rhyming front and to a lesser extent, the beat front, which is evident from the outset on ‘Pubs Drunks, and Hiphop’. The emcees somewhat late 80’s feel is emphasised on ‘Pounds and Cents’ which features the more up-to-date sound of J-Zone, Huggy Bear and Al Shid who Diversion Tactics toured the UK with. The beat is a classic, which a full emcee assault with about as many British stereotypes included in the lyrics as is humanly possible! There are tracks when this basic rhyme style can grate a bit, ‘Hong Kong’ has Chubby Alcoholic rhyming over a nice break, but the flow sounds so ridged and robotic at times, still the use of London Posse’s ‘Beatbox Reggae Style’ is dope!

There are plenty of wicked on this album despite a few duffers, ‘Pounds and Cents’, ‘Four Emcees’ and ‘Buy British’, still it’s an older track which appeared on Diversion Tactics first ep that is the best for me. ‘Scouts Report’ works with the emcees brilliantly as the subject matter itself is fairly retro, but the beat is killer! Nice subtle keys and yet more heavy breaks in use. There’s a few little instrumental pieces on this lp ‘Stolen’ and ‘Music Box’ are both valiant efforts, still its ‘ns’ produced by Jazz T that steals the show with its ultra-heavy thick drum break and sax samples.

If you can only be impressed by emcees who posses ‘gymnastic vernacular’ then you’ll not be on the wave length of Diversion Tactics. However, if you’re a big fan of use of breaks with plenty of cutting then Jazz T and Zygote will serve you well on the production front. It’s safe to say that Diversion Tactics are a group, in the sense that they work like a unit to make good hiphop, rather than relying on one emcee or whatever to carry the show. So if you fancy a bit of timeless hiphop to start the new year, then give this a try. ”

01. Pubs Drunks And Hip Hop
02. Pounds And Cents
03. Stolen
04. Yanking Off
05.Hong Kong
06. Sick Lyrics 1993
07. Ns
08. Scouts Report
09. Influence
10. Gold
11. Music Box
12. School Thing
13. Four Emcees
14. Problems
15. Buy British
16. Roll Call

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