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Glue – Seconds Away (CD) (2003) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2003, Glue , , 08.05.2016

Glue - Seconds Away

Glue combines the talents of producer Maker, scratcher extraordinaire DJ DQ, and the only MC to win the Scribble Jam twice, Adeem. Adeem executes raps freestyle-fast and has that tough type of introspection and doubt that Eminem does. He’s got excellent skills and steals the show when on mic but, unlike so many other MC’s, he often lets the music do the talking. After all, this is a group, and Maker and DJ DQ get their turns. DJ DQ is a rangy scratcher in the spirit of DJ Z-Trip whose influence is acknowledged in the liner notes. Maker has plenty of great ideas and his style is three-quarters hip-hop, one-quarter trip-hop. “Lullaby for the Sun” could have come from the house of Jazzanova, and his work on “Mixing Excuses” is downright dreamy. But it’s Adeem’s nearly slang-free narrative that makes the album easy to latch on to. “Winners Never Sleep” is his best work, a pitiful story of feeling lethargic, hopeless, and financially strapped. Stunningly smart segues make the album flow and are a good enough excuse to keep your finger off the “skip” button. An excellent album from the opening motivational-speaker sample to the last sitar, Seconds Away is a busy but uncluttered, well constructed, moody triumph from the underground.

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1. And the Spider Sung (1:20)
2. Goodbye (3:43)
3. Winners Never Stop (4:20)
4. No Helping (4:20)
5. Lullaby for the Sun (4:29)
6. Sock Drawer Blues (5:18)
7. Hand in the Sea (1:28)
8. Elbow Room (2:43)
9. Jump in Lily (4:45)
10. Mixing Excuses (6:12)
11. Fighting Ends (4:28)
12. Sober Window Story (4:20)
13. Seconds Away (5:02)
14. 1970 (3:49)
15. Country Funk (1:24)
16. John Kimball (3:58)
17. Play Her Piano (1:34)
18. Haunt (4:15)


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320 kbps – Datafile

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