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Natas – Multikillionaire: The Devil’s Contract (CD) (1997) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

1997, Natas , , , 16.05.2016

This album is straight evil! The lyrical content is packed with style, and has dope beats to match the flows. TNT (aka) Tony Montana flips the shit with “Oh myGod?”, and Esham kills it with “Price On Ya Head”. Mastermind starts off tha siccness with “Multikillionaire”, which is one of the numerous dope cuts on the album. What also makes this record dope is that you get 20 solid tracks with no talking, or skits or interlude bull-shit before or after each track, some of the tracks like”?” morph into a totally different song after four or five minutes, and goes on for another two or three minutes. Unfortunately, I don’t think that the majority of hip-hoppers are gonna have the intellectual fortitude to stomach, or appreciate a totally unique sound like NATAS provides. I would suggest that you purchase this CD only if your looking for that “new sound”. There won’t be any radio pub, or Rap City video play on this shit here. Each track is stuffed with techno/jungle style bass that has been slowed down and expanded to generate a dark, sinister feel. If you’re into underground shit….don’t sleep on NATAS!


01 Be Careful What U Wish
02 We All Die
03 Nation of Killas
04 Multikillionaire
05 Ballerz Envy
06 Don’t Gimme No H.A.N./?
07 Oh My God?
08 The Devil’s Contract
09 All My Dogs
10 All Sacrifices Made
11 Walk On Water
12 Trick Masta
13 2breast and 1biscuit
14 All Praises Due
15 E.Z.
16 Distortion
17 Last Breath
18 Price On Ya Head
19 Blessed But Cursed
20 Record Deal


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320 kbps – Datafile

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