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Phoenix Orion – Zimulated Experiencez (CD) (1998) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

1998, Phoenix Orion , , 17.05.2016

Phoenix Orion - Zimulated Experiencez

Phoenix Orion doesn’t have a positive outlook beyond the year 2000. In marked contrast to the utopian visions of The Jetsons, Phoenix raps about the apocalyptic second coming of the “Cyber Christ Clone.” Other bleak visions of the future can be heard on the intergalactic sounds of Zimulated Experiencez, which also gives evidence of this MC being a fan of William Gibson writings and The X Files. There are enough mind-warping sci-fi references to spin heads at a Star Trek convention, but don’t associate the word “geek” with Phoenix Onion; “dystopic” is more fitting. Hive, Daddy Kev and Hermes can also be found here, with scratching provided by DJ Rhettmatic, spreading the warnings of our eventual cultural ruin. Not the most positive outlook on how the future turns out, but maybe Phoenix Orion knows something we don’t.


01. ZX.1
02. Scanners
03. Birdman
04. Cyber Christ Clone
05. 5th Dimension feat. Bigfoot
06. Jedi Mastery
07. Deadmen Don’t Download
08. Millennium Fever
09. ZX.2
10. Blade Runner
11. Prophecy
12. New Style Lazer
13. ZX.3


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320 kbps – Datafile

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