Q-Ball & Curt Cazal – Makin’ Moves EP (Vinyl) (2013) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Makin Moves EP Cover

Curt discovered his passion for production as a DJ in the early 80s. He and B-Luv (from J.V.C.F.O.R.C.E) would DJ at local house and school parties and make pause-button mixes for fun which would lead on to his dad buying him his first drum machine. That drum machine just didn’t do what he needed it to do so he bought himself an Alesis MMT8. That piece of gear was followed by an EMU Emax rack and keyboard which he bought cause that was what he’d use day to day working at Charlie Marotta’s studio aka the Hit Squad studio. It was at this studio that Q and Curt would write the majority of their first 2 releases. Curt had been working there since 1988 learning the boards and fundamentals of production before he moved on to D&D in 1996. In between Das EFX, EPMD and Redman sessions they would write the Q-Ball and Curt Cazal material.


01 Combination
02 Down For Mine
03 New Bit
04 Hedz To Bed (Alternate Mix Version)
05 Howidiz ft. Rhyme Connection
06 How I Feel


FLAC – Datafile

320 kbps – Datafile

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