Spontaneous – Spur of the Moment Musik (2000) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Dan Gizzi@allmusic: ”The title may be Spur of the Moment Musik, but its clear that the beats weren’t just thrown together; they are very diverse, from “The Spontaneous Anthem,” which has a classical music sound, to the thumping drums in “Next School MC’s.” There’s also variety in the guests on the album, with West Coast MCs Tash (of the Alkaholiks) and Xzibit, and East Coast MCs Rock (of Heltah Skeltah) and Bahamadia, among others. Although he gets help from such topnotch guests, the ever energetic Spontaneous shows that he can hold his own on the mic in songs like “Spur of the Moment” and “Disco Technology.” This is an impressive debut album, especially considering that Spontaneous also produced all of the songs.”

FLAC added!

01 The Spontaneous Anthem
02 Spur Of The Moment
03 Reprezen’n (Remix) (feat. Saukrates & Xzibit)
04 Next School Mc’s
05 Srv1 (feat. Tash & DJ Revolution)
06 Touch This
07 Mama Why They Try Da Mock Me (Skit)
08 Quiet On Da Set! (feat. Rock Of Heltah Skeltah)
09 Wilinupinheya
10 Asthetic Poetiks (Skit) (feat. Ashtete)
11 Grits ‘N Butta  (feat. Ashtete)
12 K.S.P.O. (Skit) (feat. Bobby McKalester)
13 Rock To The Rythm
14 2000 (Skit)
15 Disco Technology
16 Mission: Delta 9 ‘The Search For Phoniks’ (Skit)
17 Transmit (feat. Roman Numeral & Xtrakrdt)
18 Filshmilks (Skit)
19 Wannabaddle?
20 Phone Tag (Part 1) (feat. Bahamadia)
21 G.O.D. (Skit)
22 Krush Groove 2000 (feat. Kurtis Blow)

Ripped by Janka-man!

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