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The Wascals – Class Clown (1994) (Promo CDS) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

1994, The Wascals , , , 21.05.2016

The Wascals (also known as Da Wascals and The Lil’ Waskals) was an American hip hop group comprised of Bucwheed, Spit-Anky, Alphie and St. Imey, they were signed to Delicious Vinyl Records.The Wascals were often compared to their labelmates The Pharcyde and were called “The Baby Pharcyde” as they shared many similarities. Both groups have four members and were originally produced by J-Swift. Bucwheed appeared on The Pharcyde album Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde and Fatlip appeared on The Wascals song “Dream and Imaginate”.Each of The Wascals possessed youthful, high-pitched voices and were named after characters from the Our Gang films, Bucwheed was named after Buckwheat, Spit-Anky was named after Spanky, Alphie was named after Alfalfa and St. Imey was named after Stymie. Bucwheed also wore an unkempt afro similar to Buckwheat, while Alphie wore his hair similar to Alfalfa.The group recorded an album called “Greatest Hits” that was supposed to be released in 1994 – it was eventually released in 2007.

1 Class Clown (Radio Edit) 3:58

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