Z-Man – Dope Or Dog Food (2004) (CD Album Promo) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Zamon, or better known by his stage name Z-Man (also goes by Z-Mainey, Z-Dazzle), underground rapper and painter from the San Francisco Bay Area. He has released many full length studio albums and has recorded several albums himself, he has worked with numerous underground Bay Area rap legends, and continues to make new music today.

He is a frequent collaborator with artists in a collective called “Gurp City”, composed of Sacred Hoop, Grand Invincible, G-Pek, Conceit, TOPR, MC Oroville and Bay Area legend Eddie Def. [1] He has also worked with Hieroglyphics Crew, Disflex.6, and Refill Records.

Z-Man is also a painter with a broad body of acrylic on canvas paintings that portray cartoon style hybrid creatures in vibrant, bold color schemes, that often have thematic references to black culture. He paints all of his album covers and T-shirt designs, and has painted and drawn many album covers for other hip hop artists.

1 Intro
2 Come Gurp With Me
3 Free Spirited
4 Lightening In A Bottle [Featuring] – The Gingerbread Man
5 Buckle Up
6 Party On
7 Domain
8 Spit
9 White Girls With Ass
10 Two Bad Ants [Featuring] – The Gingerbread Man
11 Knock On Wood
12 No Cure For Sugar
13 Glued [Featuring] – Tajai
14 God Was Watching
15 Z-Mutiny
16 UFO
17 Biggets And Bitches
18 Sleeping Pills

MP3 320

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