3 Grand – 3 The Hard Way (1991) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

The trio called 3-Grand came around when kid rapper and R&B groups like Kris Kross, Another Bad Creation and many others started to surface. This was during the early 90’s, which was the “New Jack Swing” era!!! 3 Grand is a group of rappers/brothers. There names are J’mone Harris, Jerod Harris & Jevon Harris. If you like the New Jack Swing sound, this is for you.

1 Girls
2 3 The Hard Way
3 Michelle
4 Little Bit Bigger
5 Move To This
6 The Funky Individual
7 Grand Intro
8 New Jacks
9 Time To Get Busy
10 Harder Than You Think
11 It’s Snow Time Again
12 Go 3-Grand

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