Bottom Posse – 2 Saggin Straight From Hell (CD) (1994) (320 kbps)

Bottom Posse ‎– 2 Saggin' Straight From Hell

Bottom Posse was a rap group from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Very rare album.



01 I Feel Like Pulling The Trigger
02 Angola Bound
03 A Gangsters Story
04 Rattin’ M.F.’s
05 Graveyard Shift
06 Life Is A Bitch
07 F___ What You Heard (Just Put Your Hands Up) #69 (feat. Walter T)
08 Get Em’ Up Saggin’
09 Saggin’ Straight From The Hell
10 Rollin’ On Em’ (feat. MC Nero)
11 I Feel Like Killing A Saggin’
12 Shout Out To
13 White Man’s Justice (Ode To Yoshi Hattori)


320 kbps – Datafile

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