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D Of Trinity Garden Cartel – I Love N.I.G.G.A.Z. (CD) (1997) (320 kbps)

1997, D Of Trinity Garden Cartel, Trinity Garden Cartel , , 13.06.2016

D Of Trinity Garden Cartel - I Love NIGGAZ

Darrell “D” Williams from Houston’s Trinity Garden hood is currently in prison serving a 25 year sentence.


1 Meditate The View
2 I Love N.I.G.G.A.Z. (feat. 38 Bullets, Skanless 3, Sub Zero)
3 To Live And Die
4 Definition Of A Hoodlum
5 All Out Stacking
6 Gulf Coast (Southern Style) (feat. Sub Zero)
7 What Do You Do For Kicks (feat. Skanless 3, Sub Zero)
8 Niggaz Say Niggaz Do (feat. Skanless 3)
9 Ghetto Destiny
10 Caught In The Struggle (feat. K.B.)
11 Ghetto Dope Won’t Stop (feat. Skanless 3, Sub Zero)
12 Lucci (Cash Flow) (feat. Skanless 3)
13 Is This The Place
14 Bitch Chill Hollup (Subliminal)
15 Mercy Me (feat. Sub Zero)
16 Double Dose
17 Much Love (feat. 38 Bullets, Skanless 3, Sub Zero)


320 kbps – Datafile

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