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Doyen-D – Malevolence Volume 1 (2004) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2004, Doyen D, UK , 30.06.2016

British MC from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, renound for his ‘no holds barred’ lyrics. He wrote his first rhymes in 1987 after being inspired by Schoolly-D, Rakim and Ice-T. At 14 years old he started his prolific career making a series of underground tapes, one of those tapes caught the attention of Dave ‘The Ruf’ from Manchester record label ‘Ruf Beats’.
Doyen released a promo with the Ruf Beats label in 1993 called ‘The Northern Conquest EP’, a shared EP with The Ruf on the flip side. Doyen returned to the rap scene after a brief hiatus with a DJ Supra produced seven inch, spear heading a mini British revival in the Hip Hop seven inch single format. Doyen later signed to indie Erectified Records and dropped the classic ‘Mobile Library’ EP with Producer Cocka Gee of underground UK rap group Omega Supreme.
With several EP’s and Twelve Inches under his belt including a well received release for Cardiff’s SFDB Records, Doyen started his own ‘Street Legal Music’ imprint, ultimately releasing three of his own albums before quitting the rap game to do something more interesting instead.

1. Cuntro
2. Coffin Rock
3. Sikwidit
4. Street Legal
5. U Killed Me
6. Big Dogz Skit
7. Celebrity Indiscretionz
8. All Roadz Lead North
9. Love My Life
10. Best Dat Eva Did It
11. Preciouz
12. The Quest
13. Apocalypz Now
14. Real Talk
15. Omega Supreme
16. Deeznutz
17. Puzzle
18. Durdy
19. Money Outro

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