Hiiigh Eye – Hiiigh Eye EP (WEB) (2016) (320 kbps)

Hiiigh Eye - Hiiigh Eye

Without an arsenal of MCs and DJs/Producers, this tape would have been in the back of our minds collecting dust from the greens inhaled. We made a decision to work as a unit to bring this raw tape coming through won time for your mind! Czech it and get wrecked from this Syntax Era! More stuff to come individually and as a group. Correct your self and listen closely to how we diiirect it with a Hiiigh Eye.


01. Kiiing Scooby – Words from thee Kiiing
02. LowBrow, Kiiing Scooby, Devious & MC Doja – Dark Axe Rugged Mix
03. Precinct Phantom & Kiiing Scooby – Shitty Side Of Town
04. JA The Emcee, Precinct Phantom & Drunken Mastah` – Mirakuru Guru
05. Strîke – S.T.R.I.K.E
06. MC Gels & MC Doja – Microphone Madness
07. Biiinary Z & Kiiing Scooby – Psycho Cyclone
08. MC Doja & Vivien Winters – Inhumans
09. JA The Emcee & MC Gels – JazzMatazz
10. MC Doja, Precinct Phantom & Strîke – Venomous Elixir
11. MC Doja, MC Gels, Kiiing Scooby & LowBrow – Mastah Ov Disastah


320 kbps – Datafile

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