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Insane – Camp 4 Life (CD) (1995) (320 kbps)

1995, Insane , , 09.06.2016

Insane - Camp 4 Life

Insane’s 1996 album “Camp 4 Life” was highly anticipated by Big Boy Records / Boot Camp Clicc fans everywhere. This album received very little promotion compared to many of Big Boy’s other releases. Despite it’s lack of promotion, it’s considered by many to be one of the best Big Boy Records releases, produced by Leroy Precise Edwards and David D-Funk Faulk.

New Orleans, LA.


01. Introduction (The Word From The East)
02. Boot Camp Gangsta’ (Gangsta’) (feat. G-Slimm & Lil’ Lipp)
03. Are U Wit’ Me? (feat. The Ghetto Twins & Rated X)
04. Running
05. Interlude (I Don’t Know What Be Goin’ On)
06. I’m A Soldier (feat. J-Dawg)
07. Ready To Die (feat. Fiend & G-Slimm)
08. At That Second Line (Hey Pockyway) (feat. Kangol Slim)
09. I Bet It Was A Cop (feat. G-Slimm, J-Dawg & Lil’ Lipp)
10. Livin’ It Up (Rollin’) (feat. G-Slimm & J-Dawg)
11. Comin’ Atcha’ Door (feat. Fiend)
12. If You Want It (feat. J-Dawg & Tim Smooth)
13. The Exit (feat. J-Dawg)
14. I Got It In Me (feat. The Boot Camp Clicc)
15. Cowboys & Indians
16. Boot Camp Gangsta’ (Radio) (feat. G-Slimm & Lil’ Lipp)


320 kbps – Datafile

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