Militia – Militia (CD) (1998) (FLAC + 320 kbps)


Militia’s eponymous debut album is a skillful fusion of hardcore East Coast hip-hop and funky West Coast gangsta rap that manages to be distinctive. From time to time, they fall back on both lyrical and musical clichés, but that happens only occasionally. More frequently, the Bay Area crew pulls everything together. The members of the crew come from all areas of the country, which helps give Militia an integrated sound. There’s no stereotyping here — there’s West Coast funk, East Coast skills, and Southern grooves. The innovation of the best moments makes the whole thing worthwhile /Stephen Thomas Erlewine @allmusic/


1 Screenplay: “I Got Shot”
2 Streetlife
3 Eight Million Wayz
4 Burn
5 Way-Out
6 Sreenplay: “We Ain’t Playin'”
7 Playa Status
8 Make Noise
9 Paper Chase
10 F**k A Title
11 Screenplay “No Militia Tonight”
12 Who’s The Next
13 From The Gate
14 Doin’ Thangz
15 Let’s Get It On
16 F**k What You’re Goin’ Through
17 Money Makes The World Go Round
18 Burn (Group Remix)

Ripped & Upped by Janka-man!

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