Point Blank – Bad Newz Travels Fast (CD) (2000) (320 kbps)

Point Blank – Bad Newz Travels Fast

Houston, TX.

Point Blank joined the S.P.C. in 1990. He has been a solo artist from day one. Since that Blank has been one of the hardest rappers in the click. He also formed a group called “Wreckless Klan”, which is a collaboration with PSK-13, and Ice Lord. Point Blank also just started a new label “Wreckless Entertainment.”


01 Bull
02 It’s Been A Long Time (ft. DJ Screw & Jessica)
03 Southside Groovin’ (ft. Big T, PSK-13, Z-Ro, Zhayne, Flex, Lil Flea & South Park Mexican)
04 High With Tha Blanksta (ft. Flex, Z-Ro, Black, C-Loc, 3-2, Big Moe & PSK-13)
05 Ghetto (ft. F.L.A.J.)
06 Mr. Playa (ft. Icelord, Bun B & Levi Rasta)
07 Uncut Phya (ft. Klanzmen)
08 Pimp C Skit (ft. Pimp C)
09 Pussy Callin’ (ft. Wreckless Klan)
10 Just Jokin’ (ft. Youngstar)
11 Street Theactrics
12 R U Ready 2 Die (ft. Willie D, Ganxsta NIP & K-Rino)
13 If The World Was (ft. Lil Ke Ke & Klondike Kat)
14 I Wish (ft. PSK-13)
15 It Wasn’t Me
16 Hustlin’ All I Can Do (ft. Godfather, Z-Ro & C-Note)
17 Slipped Into A Coma Pt. 2 (ft. Icelord, DBX, KB, Lil Flea, Street Military, K-Rino, Jflex, PSK-13, Q-Boy, Ghetto Thugz, 007, C-Nile & S.P.M.)
18 Snippet Stolen From Bad Newz 2000 ”My Mind Went Blank”


320 kbps – Datafile

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