Point Blank – Prone To Bad Dreams (CD) (1992) (320 kbps)

Point Blank - Prone To Bad Dreams


01 Point Blank
02 After I Die
03 Cut U N 1/2 (feat. UGK)
04 Life Rep Or Death
05 Straighten It Out (feat. K-Rino)
06 Knock Dem Hoes Out The Box
07 Wreckless (feat. K-Rino)
08 Bitch Said I Raped Her
09 Prone To Bad Dreams
10 Aggravated (feat. Lord 3-2 & Klondike Kat)
11 Nuttin’ Ass Bitch (feat. .38, Def Buzy, Dope E, Ganksta NIP, K-Rino, K.O., Trinetta & Triple 6)
12 ”86” Dope ”86”


320 kbps – Datafile

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  1. Hey yo could you upload this in real flac? The album is really hard to get and very expensive, not even sold in my country. Maybe you can help 🙂

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