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The Sindecut‎ – Changing The Scenery (1990) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

North London rap collective Sindecut spent their early days performing at the Swiss Cottage Community Centre, before releasing an eponymous debut single in 1986. Other members congregated around the nucleus of rapper Crazy Noddy and DJ Fingers, including Lyne Lyn (rapper), DJ Don’t Ramp (producer), Mix Man G, Mad P and, later, Spike Tee and Louise Francis. Various members travelled to America in 1987/8 to get a contract with B-Boy Records, but lost out on the chance when label boss Bill Kamarra was sent to prison. They elected to set up their own label, Jgunglelist, instead (an interesting use of the term before it was hijacked by the ‘jungle’ club movement). The Sindecut made their name with the infectious rhythms of ‘Posse’. It was an imposing stew of ragga vocals and hip-hop breaks. Their first club hit, though, was ‘Sindecut Kickin’ Yeah’, on another independent label, Baad. They grew up with the similarly formulated Soul II Soul, merging soul and reggae with rap: ‘Its just our influences really. Americans have a lot of influences but they tend to make one type of music. We want to make music that we are influenced by and put it together into a new sound’. Their debut album showcased raps backed by orchestrated strings and frantic live drums – an almost ‘new age’ hip-hop affair.

1 Demanding Cycle – Of A Word Bound Hammerhead
2 Having
3 Live The Life
4 Won’t Change
5 Too Rough
6 Passtime
7 Braincell
8 Tell Me Why
9 Slowdown
10 Crack Business
11 To The Heart
12 Wisdom

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