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C-Mone – The Butterfly Effect (2006) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2006, C-Mone, UK , , 16.07.2016

2Hip@ ”You could easily count on one hand the number of UK female emcees who’ve released an album in recent times. For this reason, but not this reason alone, ‘The Butterfly Effect’ has to be a welcome addition to collections full of the same old same old.

Now I’ll be straight, I wasn’t at all sure C-Mone could carry a whole album by herself as I’d not heard enough variety in the past. Humble pie passed my lips within the first few tunes though, as throughout the LP C-Mone demonstrates her lyrical competence on a variety of subjects. Whether it’s the rowdy party track ‘Stan Bac’ or the P Brothers headnodder ‘Inside Out’, there is no doubting that the girl is a high calibre emcee. The thick Notts accent adds to the charisma and whilst it may take some adjustment, by the time the album’s finished you’re hooked on its uniqueness. There are plenty of highs on this album, but the colossal summit of ‘Ode To Hip-Hop’ deserves to be scaled by every music fan. Nick Stez’s beat is apt for such a title and you can’t help yourself going back again and again.

Only the heavily disappointing Notts posse cut ‘The Magnificent 7’ really taints your enjoyment of ‘The Butterfly Effect’, but that does little to dent your holistic view. This is a brilliant album to kick off what should hopefully be a fantastic career for C-Mone and it’s sure to have more than a few plays by anyone who purchases it.”

1 Catch Me If U Can
2 Nightvision
3 Article 5
4 Stan Bac
5 Disfunktional*
6 Second After Second
7 The Magnificent 7 Featuring – Cappo, CizzyGrim, Matic, Midnyte, Pariz 1, Pijin, Smiley
8 Inside Out
9 Ode To Hip-Hop Featuring – Big Trev, P Brothers
10 Ride
11 Black Widow
12 Watching U
13 The Nina C-Mone Theory Featuring – Nina Smith
14 Handz Of Time Featuring – The Marga Boyz

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