Constant Deviants – Omertà (WEB) (2016) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Constant Deviants - Omertà

Emcee M.I. and producer DJ Cutt return a year after releasing the critically acclaimed “Avant Garde” with a new album and concept. The duo who have further developed their creative enterprises to incorporate film production as part of their ever expanding SIX2SIX organization have drawn from their respective Italian and Russian heritages to adopt the personas of Luciano and Lansky in the new album “Omerta” out this July.


02. Newspaper Man
03. Bada Bing
04. So Underrated
05. Plata O Plomo
06. I-95
07. Make My Bones
08. Sparks Steakhouse
09. Delorean
10. Fuklinski
11. Reign Storms
12. Untitled
13. We Up Tho


FLAC – Datafile

320 kbps – Datafile

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